Sometimes When I’m Without You. Inspired by Parental Alienation

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Read to the melody of
Somewhere Over The Rainbow


Sometimes,when Im without you
I just cry.
Though I try to refrain
the tears slip by
My eyes.
Sometimes,when Im without you
I just smile.
For I know that through
the door you will walk
in a little while.
Sometimes,when Im with out you
Things seem fine.
For the Love that you gave me
will always save me
Until the of time.

Often times I think about
My little girl,my little sprout.
Running round and falling down,
and skinning knees,
Oh Daddy please!
Please kiss it now
and make it go away!
I ran too fast and I fell down.
I tripped upon my sleeping gown!
Yet with a kiss
upon the wound
she fell into my arms and swooned,
Oh Daddy,Daddy, please,dont be mad,
I didnt mean to be bad!
I rocked her there
with all my care
I comforted her
and dried her tears
for knowing that in coming years,
her little scrape
could not compare
to the pain of not having her there!

Sometimes,when Im without you
Angels sing.
To let me know 
that you are safe
Beneath their wing.

Sometimes,when Im without you
your still there.
Fast asleep, with a book
in our sofa chair.

Sometimes,when Im without you
my heart grows wings
and I fly to the time 
when you first arrived
and a million other things.

Of the time I first did look
into your eyes
and that first look
did seal our love
and from help above
I was given all the Love
One person could need or know.
Your shining face
your eyes so bright.
I held you then
oh so tight.
No love I had known
could compare to 
the love you sowed.
In my heart.

Sometimes,when Im without you
I just cry.
For I wish to relive the times
that have gone…
passing by.

Sometimes,when Im without you
I feel fine.
For I know in my mind
that your dreams will come true
for in you I see too
that you turned out fine

And each tear for you that I’v shed
was out of love
not of dread.
And If you will not dis avow,and
let me come to you somehow
beyond the void and where God does dwell
I”ll see you there with heart a’swell.
And in The Masters home we’ll stay
every night,and every day.
For love eternal stays,and stays….
And never,never goes away!

Mitchell Bain For My Daughter Brianna Patterson

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